Retired And Banned Ymer Claims Racial Discrimination Played Role In Doping Case

Retired And Banned Ymer Claims Racial Discrimination Played Role In Doping Case

by Nurein Ahmed

Mikael Ymer was not leaving no stone unturned at the weekend in a shocking series of tweets on social media related to his doping ban before taking them down and deleting his account.

In July 2023, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) ruled that Ymer had violated the anti-doping regulations following an appeal by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) of three missed doping tests within a 12-month period.

Consequently, Ymer, who was initially cleared of any wrongdoing by three independent arbitrations in June last year, was suspended for 18 months following the ITF's contest of the charge at CAS.

A crestfallen Ymer stunned the tennis world when he announced his decision to retire from professional tennis just a month later at the age of 24. But it was clear we had not heard the last of Ymer's motives that pushed him to the exit door.

That was until last weekend. In an apparent harangue protest, Ymer raved on his X account (formerly Twitter) before deleting the posts and his handle. But screenshots captured before deletion diffused his disappointment and fury.

Ymer alleged that he was a victim of racial discrimination by the tennis authorities in his doping case. He opined that a similar scenario unfolded in which a top 40 ATP player (whom he did not name) missed an out-of-competition test but did not face the same consequences as his.

"Another tour player inside top 40 received a 3rd strike at the sammmeee time as me. He claimed that his hotel phone was broken thereforrrrr couldn't hear anything. Ther was no appeal made an no negligence found eveeeeennn tho we are responsible to be reachable on our phones."

"I ain't saying this w no hate I'm happy that he doesn't have to go thru it but don't look me in the face and say this aint a race thing fuck u mean it ain't a race thing."

The former World No. 50 then directed his attack towards Christer Hult, the CEO of the Nordea Open in Bastad. Ymer claimed that he rejected the tournament's proposal to play at the ATP 250 event last year despite being promised a large paycheck in appearance fees.

"It is true that Båstad offered me an extremely large amount of money this year. I was shocked when I saw the check but my voice and integrity are not for sale. Christer Hult (CEO) and his team can put their money up their a**es. God is greatest."

Incidentally, Ymer's ban from the sport happened just a few days after turning down the alleged offer. He asserted that he would play in Bastad for free if he resumed his career.

Moreover, the 25-year-old also divulged the close relationship between Hult and the CEO of ITF. While explaining that the event was "not connected," Ymer ostensibly mentioned that he was suspended after his crude response to Hult.

"This is Christer hult he's also super cool nice guy and also a billionaire (Swedish currency) I said some things about him that I shouldn't have said sorry brother all love I'll come play Båstad for freeeeeee if I ever pick up a racket againnnn."

"CEO of itf and Christer are bestiieessss and go to vacations together and I got suspended couple of days after telling Christer to shove his Båstad money up his glutes it ain't connected just wanted to puuuuttttt it ouuttttt thereeeeee."


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