Nadal Wears Richard Mille's New Limited Edition Watch Costing $1.1 Million At Roland Garros

Nadal Wears Richard Mille's New Limited Edition Watch Costing $1.1 Million At Roland Garros

by Nurein Ahmed

Rafael Nadal's look on a tennis court is something that always attracts a lot of attention, but given the magnitude of his first-round match, not many people keenly observed his latest timepiece.

When it comes to innovation, Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille continues to raise the bar following the release of the newest creation of Rafael Nadal's watch, the RM 27-05.

The company prides itself on calling this horologe "the world’s lightest and most resilient mechanical tourbillon watch ever made," weighing a paltry 11.5 grams. It is a limited edition watch with only 80 pieces in stock, one of which will set you back for a reported $1,150,000.

The main features of this watch lie in its manufacturing process and design. The baseplates and bridges are made of grade 5 titanium, which is a highly corrosion-resistant and rigid alloy known for its biocompatibility.

It is a unique trait and composition that is applied in aircraft and spacecraft. The V-shaped gear train bridge is crafted from Carbon TPT, which is renowned for its robustness and strength, enabling resistance to microcracks and splits.

Nadal has been the company's biggest sports ambassador since 2010 and speaks highly of their professional relationship, which has grown stronger year on year.

"My relationship with Richard Mille, the company, as well as Richard as a person, has undoubtedly been a pillar of my sports career since 2010."

Nadal said in a statement

"They have supported me in all circumstances, and I hope that this bond will continue for many more years. Richard Mille is not just a simple partner: He has never stopped being by my side, in good times and in difficult ones. Today, after these 14 years, they are part of my family and my life."

Nadal did not have a winning start debuting the new watch. He lost to Alexander Zverev in straight sets, his first opening-round defeat at Roland Garros.


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