Nadal To 'Continue For Another Year' If He's Not Injured According To Ferrer

Nadal To 'Continue For Another Year' If He's Not Injured According To Ferrer

by Zachary Wimer

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Rafael Nadal made his comeback to tennis this year, and according to former ATP player David Ferrer, he's likely to play next year if his health permits.

Nadal faced a lot of uncertainty about his career last year when he struggled with a hip injury. There were plans to come back last year at Roland Garros, but he didn't.

He opted to go under the knife instead, and so fans waited. They held their breath and waited to see what would happen. Eventually, he did return earlier this year, and it looked good.

Nadal won a couple of matches but then got injured again, and now fans have to wait again. A comeback in Doha didn't happen, so his next event is the Netflix Slam against Carlos Alcaraz in Las Vegas. That's supposed to be played next event and also serve as a warm-up for the Indian Wells.

According to former player David Ferrer, who spoke to MARCA about Nadal, the legend is likely to continue playing next year if his health is good.

"Yes, without a doubt. Knowing Rafa a little or a lot, if he does not have physical injuries, I am convinced that he will be competitive. It was already shown in the first week of the year in Brisbane that he was at a very high level without hardly competing. If he doesn't have any injuries he will be competitive and if he is competitive, he will continue for another year."

That's not entirely different from what we heard from Toni Nadal. He's been the unofficial spokesperson for Nadal for a while now, and he hinted at his nephew playing next year as well.

Obviously, Nadal himself has been quite reserved in his announcements, but that's just how he likes to shape things to avoid any unnecessary expectations. If he's healthy and competitive to win trophies, he'll likely continue competing.


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