Murray 'Looking Forward To The End' After Emotional Miami Farewell

Murray 'Looking Forward To The End' After Emotional Miami Farewell

by Zachary Wimer

Andy Murray has dropped a few retirement hints in the past few weeks, and he dropped another one by confirming that this was his last time at the Miami Open.

It was a pretty decent Miami Open showing for Murray who played really well and nearly made the fourth round. He was playing really well against Tomas Machac but couldn't quite close it out.

He allowed the Czech player to win the second set and then lost the final set, during which he even injured himself to lose the match. It was pretty disappointing for Murray, who admitted that his thoughts drifted during the match.

He thought about how it was the last time he was playing at an event he really loved. It's yet another confirmation that this is truly Murray's final year on the ATP Tour.

"I wasn't thinking about all the matches I played. Just more that that's the last match that I am going play here which is sad because I love it here. I've spent so much of my tennis career here and I would have liked it to have gone on a little bit longer. This tournament particularly for me is an important one so it was a bit more emotional leaving the court today than it might be at some of the other events."

Murray's career has been a tremendous one and he's going to try to make the most out of these final few weeks. He's still capable of winning matches but he can't really fight for trophies anymore.

He accepted it, and that's how he knew it was time to end it. As he said in his post-match interview, he's ready for the end.

"I am looking forward to the end now, give my best the next few months and get to be at home with my family. Miami has been a special place for me during my career. It's been my tennis home really. I've done so much of my work and training and preparation here. I love the city."


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