'Compromised Version Of Murray Adds To His Legacy' According To Roddick

'Compromised Version Of Murray Adds To His Legacy' According To Roddick

by Zachary Wimer

Andy Murray's Miami Open run ended in the third round against Tomas Machac but it was inspiring to see and former ATP player Andy Roddick thinks it adds to his legacy.

Murray is going to retire from professional tennis this year, likely in the summer, which means that we should have a conversation about his legacy. He's still playing and playing pretty well, as his run to the third round of the Miami Open proves.

It was a match he could have won and nearly did, but he lost to a younger and likely better player right now. He fought bravely, never giving up, which is what he'll be remembered for. People assume that these final few years will be how fans will remember Murray, but according to Roddick, it’s the opposite.

He'll be remembered as one of the greatest players to have ever lived, and even these struggle years add to his legacy. Andy Roddick talked about it recently during an appearance on the Tennis Channel.

“Since 2019 with the hip issue, he would tell you that he's not been the same. But the guts of him has been the same. Even if he used to turn these matches and pull them, lately, he hasn't been able to.”

“The drama is still there, the fight is still there. In a way, this compromised version of Murray almost adds to his legacy with the way he's grinded out the last four or five years.”

Not many players would be able to do what Murray has been able to do in these past four-five years. More importantly, not many players would be willing to undergo that. He knew he wasn't going to be back to his top level, but he still did it to prove himself that he could, even with a metal hip.

“I certainly respect it; I don't know if I or a lot of us could've done it. So, props to him if it is the last time we see him in Miami. It's been a hell of a run, pal.”


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