Kokkinakis 'Hoping Breakthrough Is Not Too Far Away' After Another Solid Run

Kokkinakis 'Hoping Breakthrough Is Not Too Far Away' After Another Solid Run

by Zachary Wimer

After putting together another solid week of tennis, Thanasi Kokkinakis hopes a proper breakthrough is near.

Some decade ago, a couple of really solid young Australian players rose through the ranks on the ATP Tour. All of them had tremendous potential, but none of them would quite fulfill it, not fully, at least, though they're still trying.

Bernard Tomic is still playing tennis on the lower level, but he largely wasted what could have been a tremendous career. Nick Kyrgios didn't waste his career, but he never quite hit the peak many thought he would. Kokkinakis is the third member of that triumvirate, and his story is maybe the most heartbreaking.

He was always the one who tried hard but, unfortunately, dealt with many injuries. If not for his injuries, the Australian might have been a Top 10 player, but he never reached that potential. Now, at age 28, he seems to be relatively healthy, working really hard and making up lost time.

"Yeah, I'm getting closer and closer. I'm hoping a breakthrough is not too far away, but I've gotta keep working, gotta keep giving myself opportunities against these big guys because I've proven here I've got the abilities to beat them."

Kokkinakis peaked at number 65 on the ATP Rankings, which he'll likely shatter this year if he keeps this level up, and it's well deserved. His potential is huge, but things have never lined up well for him so far.

With the grass season coming up, Kokkinakis is hoping for a good run so he can possibly get a new career high, right after reaching the third round of the 2024 Roland Garros.

"Rankings reward consistency as well. That's something that maybe hasn't been my strongest attribute, so trying to find that intensity and fighting spirit I find in slams, I need to do that for all tournaments to give myself more opportunities. For I know when my game's on and my level's there, I can match it with almost anyone - and I was right there against Taylor."


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