Kokkinakis Still Hoping His 'Best Tennis Is Ahead Of Him' Ahead Of New Season

Kokkinakis Still Hoping His 'Best Tennis Is Ahead Of Him' Ahead Of New Season

by Zachary Wimer

Thanasi Kokkinakis had a pretty decent comeback season in 2023, but he's hoping that 2024 brings him even more joy.

The Australian has had a pretty incredible tennis story. From a very talented youngster whose career almost got destroyed by injuries to now where he hopes to catch this final train towards a pretty good career.

2023 finally provided Kokkinakis with a chance to really develop his game as he played a lot of tennis, thanks to finally being injury-free, and for the majority of the season, it was good.

He still experienced the occasional physical problem, but for the most part, he was able to keep himself upright and on the tennis courts. The hope for 2024 is for that to continue, as he hopes to put together an even better year.

Speaking to The West Australian, Kokkinakis explained his belief that his best tennis is still ahead of him as he still feels really young tennis-wise.

My best tennis is ahead of me but how long I'll play, I don't know. A lot of guys are like robots that love playing week in, week out everywhere and that's the bit I struggle with. But in tennis years I'm feeling 22, 23 and still have my best tennis ahead.

It makes sense because, compared to the average 27-year-old tennis player, Kokkinakis doesn't have that many miles on his body. He did have a bunch of injuries, which are out of the norm, but hopefully, they're things of the past.

He's worked hard and is doing everything right so hopefully he gets a bit lucky and avoids any big injuries altogether. This Australian summer could be huge for him with events in his hometown as well as the Grand Slam.

Hopefully, things go a bit better than last year when he threw away a big lead against Andy Murray.

I'm sick of that guy, I don't want to see him. If I had lost that match again at the French with Stan after losing the one with Andy you probably wouldn't see me here ... that's giving me nightmares still.


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