'I Need Everything He Tells Me': Alcaraz On Criticism Of Coach's Frequent Talking

'I Need Everything He Tells Me': Alcaraz On Criticism Of Coach's Frequent Talking

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz often talks with his coach, Juan Carlos Ferrero, during matches because he needs it, according to his own words.

Coaching has been allowed in tennis for a while now, so we often see players interacting with their coaches during matches. For most, it's just a quick talk, a reminder, or a cheer-up, but for some, it's a never-ending conversation.

Stefanos Tsitsipas's father talks so much during matches that opponents often complain about it, but he's not the only one. According to John McEnroe, Juan Carlos Ferrero talks too much during the Spaniard's matches, and the American isn't particularly a fan of this.

He just finds the amount of talk between Alcaraz and Ferrero during a match too much because it never stops. They have a conversation almost after every rally, and that's why, during a recent broadcast, the former world no. 1 voiced his thoughts.

"Never heard a coach I don't think, maybe Tsitsipas' old man but there's a lot of talking going on."

McEnroe on tennis coaches talking during matches

According to Alcaraz himself, he needs every word from Ferrero, which is quite an interesting admission. Tennis is a unique sport, as it's an individual sport, and players are alone on the tennis court, fighting for a victory and a ticket into the next round.

"Six years now, a lot of things happen between us in the professional part and the personal part but I need him in the box. I need everything he tell me from the box and it's really helpful to give my 100% on the court."

Admitting that he needs every word from his coach may be concerning for the Spaniard, as there may be times when he will have to deal without him, but it already happened, as he was without his coach for much of his US Open-winning run, so it clearly isn't a huge problem for him.


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