"I'll play golf to prepare for Wimbledon" - says Casper Ruud

"I'll play golf to prepare for Wimbledon" - says Casper Ruud

by Drew Tate

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Casper Ruud is a noted clay specialist having grown up on the surface and he is not a huge fan of the grass as of now.

His career has been mostly spent away from the grass courts because for one they are quite rare, to begin with. Except for British players, most players don't grow up playing on the grass much. That makes the transition quite difficult. Asked about grass and Wimbledon back at the Miami Open, Ruud gave a very interesting response.

He said:

"I think grass is for golf players. My preparation for Wimbledon is pretty much just playing golf before the tournament. I feel more comfortable on the golf courts than on grass courts for now but let's see if it will change."

He will have a chance to work on that change in 3 weeks' time when he competes at Wimbledon. He lost to Jordan Thompson in round one last year.


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