'Hurt Me A Lot': Alcaraz Bemoans Another Painful Loss

'Hurt Me A Lot': Alcaraz Bemoans Another Painful Loss

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz failed to make the final at the 2024 Argentina Open, extending his title drought further, and he admitted it was a painful loss.

Nicolas Jarry hasn't been playing that well this year, but he had a tremendous year last year, establishing himself as one of the better players on the ATP Tour. Clay is his surface as he grew up on it, and he demonstrated once more how tough he can be on it.

Alcaraz bested him twice in 2023, but the match on clay was a very tough one that the Spaniard barely won. This time around, the Chilean won it, as Alcaraz simply didn't find what he needed to win the match.

It was a very painful loss, and he admitted when talking about his experience after the match.

"It's a difficult defeat, it hurt me a lot. There are many things to improve, and my level has to go up. I played good tennis but very far from my real level. I felt good physically and it's important, and I think that with work I will get better... but having opportunities, is difficult."

He won't have to wait too long to get another shot at playing, as he'll be in action in Rio de Janeiro next week. He made the final last year but was prevented from winning it by an injury and Cameron Norrie.

It's a court that fits his style, and he'll certainly be motivated to do well after this disappointment. We'll see how things go for him and whether he can finally stop the drought that has been going on for more than six months now.

He really needs a title because the frustration is clearly mounting. His reaction to the loss to Jarry certainly proves that he's feeling the pressure to deliver in a way he hasn't been able to in a long time.


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