Five Candidates Who Can Replace Ivanisevic As Djokovic's New Coach

Five Candidates Who Can Replace Ivanisevic As Djokovic's New Coach

by Nurein Ahmed

The tennis world was glued to events in Miami, where the joint ATP and WTA 1000 tournament was reaching its climax before Novak Djokovic delivered a shocking announcement.

The World No. 1 announced in an Instagram post that he had parted company with coach Goran Ivanisevic. The Croatian former World No. 2 served his role diligently for six years, helping Djokovic double his Grand slam title count.

Even with Djokovic's poor start to the season, nobody saw it coming. But the Serb now needs a new coach. At 36, and with over 1000 tennis matches under his belt, it still feels like there is an area in his game that needs improvement. So, here are five potential candidates that can replace the departing Ivanisevic.

5. Roger Federer

This is the most fanciful and undoubtedly the least likely combination to happen from this list. Roger Federer previously claimed that coaching is an option for him in the future during an interview in 2022, although he issued a disclaimer that he would be willing to share his tennis knowledge only with an up-and-coming Swiss player.

Federer and Djokovic had a fractious relationship early on in their legendary rivalry but showed that they can coexist in a team setup late in their careers.

They played doubles at the Laver Cup in 2018, and Djokovic answered the invite to give the Swiss a perfect sendoff at the same event two years ago in London.

4. Viktor Troicki

Djokovic and Viktor Troicki were teammates in Serbia's sensational 2010 Davis Cup triumph. The 24-time Grand Slam champion enjoys a close relationship with the now-retired former world No. 12.

Troicki is the current Davis Cup captain and has passed his wisdom to Djokovic, who is only two years younger than him, in team competitions, including the ATP Cup.

However, any possible partnership on tour might mean that the 38-year-old will need to leave Hamad Medjedovic's camp, as he is currently coaching the new Serbian youngster. Djokovic will be cautious not to hinder the Next-Gen champion's development.

3. Boris Becker

Maybe Novak Djokovic needs a familiar voice in his camp. Or he might be looking for a part-time coach rather than a full-time one. The only name that ticks both boxes is Boris Becker, his former coach.

Becker worked with Djokovic between 2014 and 2016 and helped him to win six Grand Slams. Djokovic owes some of his mental toughness to the German great who steered him through the mud a decade ago when he was struggling to add to his Grand Slam collection.

Because the 56-year-old is restricted from traveling to some countries because of his criminal conviction in a court of law, he will only accompany Djokovic to select ATP tournaments should a deal materialize. The Serb is playing few events at this stage of his career, which makes the option of rehiring Becker a real possibility.

2. Carlos Gomez-Herrera

Gomez-Herrera is a former pro who had a modest playing career. However, he rose to prominence after becoming Djokovic's full-time hitting partner a few seasons ago. They have been longtime friends off the court for over a decade.

Testament to this strong bond, the World No. 1 promoted Gomez-Herrera (known within the camp as Charly) to the role of team manager to replace Edoardo Artaldi - Djokovic's former business manager.

Djokovic's Instagram post, in which he announced Ivanisevic's split, did not clarify the long-term future of the other team members, including the Spaniard. That has led to speculation that he might be taking the Croatian's role.

1. Nenad Zimonjic

Nenad Zimonjic is a stalwart of Serbian tennis and a former doubles No. 1. He is rumored to be Djokovic's new coach after being spotted supervising his practice session on clay in Belgrade. Zimonjic would add a new layer to Djokovic's near-complete game.

As a proven doubles operator, he could instill some confidence and intelligence into Djokovic's net game and hand skills. At this moment, speculation is intensifying, but Djokovic presumably has a name in mind. It would be illogical to part ways with Ivanisevic without having a new coach waiting in the wings.


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