Djokovic Reportedly On Moderna's Watchdog List Because Of Anti-Vax Claims

Djokovic Reportedly On Moderna's Watchdog List Because Of Anti-Vax Claims

by Nurein Ahmed

Novak Djokovic has been classified as a "high-risk" celebrity by pharmaceutical company Moderna because of his anti-vaccination stance on Covid-19, according to reports.

Djokovic is one the most prominent sportsperson who denied taking the coronavirus vaccine at a time when the world was grappling with a pandemic. He was barred from playing a host of big tournaments because of his vaccination status.

In 2022, he was infamously ejected from Australia following a controversial visa cancellation process that saw the Serbian star in a court battle with the Australian immigration authorities. That same year, Djokovic delivered a bombshell interview on BBC.

He explained that he was willing to pay the price of missing tennis tournaments rather than take a forced vaccine. Although he did not denounce the coronavirus vaccine nor criticize those taking it, he opined that he "supported the freedom to choose what you put in your body."

A semblance of normality ensued this year and almost every country has since opened its borders to foreign travelers, even those who have never taken a jab of the deadly virus. Djokovic ended up conquering the countries that obstructed him from increasing his Grand Slam count.

In 2023, the 36-year-old won a 10th Australian Open and a 24th major title at the US Open. But in quite a shocking revelation, the New York Post reported that Moderna has contracted the services of a former FBI agent to help spy on Djokovic because of his anti-vax claims in the past.

The Boston-based pharma company was among the first to market the mRNA vaccine to the world and is watching not just Djokovic, but also SpaceX founder Elon Musk and actor Russell Brand for making similar sentiments on the COVID-19 vaccine, through a team of ex-law enforcement officials.

The said team has been tasked to assemble every anti-vax claim made by the so-called "high-risk" celebrities of which Djokovic is one of them. Additionally, the New York Post writes that the former law enforcement officials have commissioned a report titled 'Djokovic Crowned Anti-vaccine Hero after US Open Win' from independent journalists.


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