'It's Ok To Not Be Ok': Serena Williams Shares Uplifting Tweet On Mental Health

'It's Ok To Not Be Ok': Serena Williams Shares Uplifting Tweet On Mental Health

by Nurein Ahmed

Serena Williams recently shared an unfeigned post about mental health struggles, telling her legion of followers "It's ok to not be ok" as she pursues comfort in motherhood.

Mental health has been one of the most prevalent topics in the modern world affecting many adolescents and young people. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that one in eight people globally lives with mental health conditions that can impact their overall well-being.

Tennis players are not immune to mental health issues which sometimes tend to have a lasting impact on their performances on the court. Serena Williams, winner of 23 Grand Slams and currently retired, shared a tweet on X where she stated that she was "not ok."

Although Williams doesn't directly point to struggling with mental health issues, her message can be perfectly summed up to cheer up those battling the condition. People undergoing mental health challenges remain quiet most of the time for fear of being perceived as weak or misunderstood by society.

"I am not ok today. And that’s ok to not be ok. No one is ok every single day. If you are not ok today I’m with you. There’s always tomorrow. Love you."

The legendary American's tweet which she posted on Monday has since garnered over a million impressions on X, with several fans standing by her side and responding with messages of support to whatever Serena was going through.

On Tuesday, Serena shared a post on the same platform where she could seen cuddling her daughter Adira River Ohanian and wrote, "This makes me so happy." Not long ago, the 42-year-old disclosed her eye-opening experience as a mother of two, admitting, "Having 2 kids is def not easy."

A growing number of tennis players have come out to confront their fears when it comes to mental health struggles in order to promote awareness. Chief among them is Naomi Osaka, the Japanese star who is set to return to the tour in 2024.

Osaka has been through the darkest pits with mental health struggles. Her meteoric rise was overshadowed by a tough life with her mental health before she eventually let loose of whatever was becoming a burden. Having navigated the spiral, the 26-year-old has previously graced the cover of Time.com magazine as a spokesperson for athlete mental health.


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