'Having 2 Kids Is Definitely Not Easy': Serena Confesses On Motherhood Struggles

'Having 2 Kids Is Definitely Not Easy': Serena Confesses On Motherhood Struggles

by Nurein Ahmed

23-time Grand Slam singles champion Serena Williams recently confessed to an eye-opening experience of raising two children, saying, 'It's definitely not easy.'

Juggling motherhood with business ventures has its own set of challenges, and the 23-time Grand Slam was looking for parental tips in the wake of giving birth to newborn daughter Adira River Ohanian, just over a month ago.

Serena and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, became parents for the second time last month. Unlike her first pregnancy when she gave birth to Olympia six years ago - which was very complicated and nearly cost her life - the 42-year-old tennis icon's recent pregnancy was seamless.

In a recent post on social media platform X, Serena opened up on the struggles of parenting, especially raising two kids, adding that it can be extremely difficult to manage the situation when one falls sick. In the same discourse, Serena expressed her respect for her parents, who managed to pull this off, and inquired for some guidance.

"Having 2 kids is def not easy. How do you moms/ dads do it so well!!!??? Especially when one gets sick? Mad respect."

Serena opens up on motherhood struggles

Serena's husband, Alexis, is an advocate for paid paternal leave. And he's made most of it since becoming a father for the first time in 2017. Stepping outside his work perimeter and being in close proximity to his family has been vital, Ohanian said.

"One month into my #PaternityLeave, as grateful as I am that Adira's birth was smooth & Serena has been recovering well; this leave has been vital for our family."

Alexis Ohanian wrote on X

Recently, Ohanian disclosed that his 1-month-old daughter Adira is now a co-owner of the soccer and golf teams in which he is the lead investor. He added that his investment covers future kids he will have with Serena.


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