Djokovic Reportedly 'Refused' To Endorse Video Game As It 'Wasn't Good Use' Of His Time

Djokovic Reportedly 'Refused' To Endorse Video Game As It 'Wasn't Good Use' Of His Time

by Nurein Ahmed

They say discipline is the mother of success, and Novak Djokovic has certainly needed bags of self-discipline to be in the privileged position he is in today.

Djokovic has won 24 Grand Slams (singles), which is the most in tennis, and is a solid pick to add to his collection for the remainder of his career, which some pundits believe could extend into his 40s. And now, at 36, Djokovic didn't particularly have the blueprint to succeed on tour.

Djokovic fled war-torn Serbia in his early teens in order to pursue his dream of becoming the world's top-ranked player. His early struggles are well documented. He had limited financial and physical capabilities to fulfill that dream and had to make life-changing choices.

One of them was changing his diet to help him improve his endurance and energy levels. Djokovic switched to a gluten-free and plant-based diet to curb the imbalance in his digestive system.

In a recent episode on Tennis Channel, where Djokovic's meal plan was discussed, the pundits also lavished praise on the Serbian's constant need to get better and improve not just on his game but also his physique.

Tennis analyst Jon Wertheim then explained how Djokovic makes the most of his time and rarely allows himself to be submerged in trivial things like playing video games. He recounts a story of when the tennis star turned down a sponsor's offer to endorse a video game because it "wasn’t a good use" of his time.

"He had a chance to do a video game endorsement and said, 'I don't believe in the product, this isn't a good use of my time.' You think about how many video games come up and bring my PlayStation on the road. Not only does he not play video games, but he actively repudiates."

Wertheim on Tennis Channel


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