Djokovic Put Serbia 'On Top Of The World Many Times' According To NBA Star Jokic

Djokovic Put Serbia 'On Top Of The World Many Times' According To NBA Star Jokic

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic was in Los Angeles ahead of the Indian Wells Open, and he watched the Los Angeles Lakers take on the Denver Nuggets, where his compatriot Nikola Jokic plays.

Djokovic is fan of many sports including basketball which he described as one of his favourite sports many times. It's hugely popular in Serbia in general especially with one-of a kind players like Nikola Jokic emerging.

The Serbian is an NBA champion, a two-time NBA MVP winner, and one of the most unique players basketball has ever seen. He's also a very good friend and admirer of Djokovic whom he consider the greatest athlete from Serbia ever.

Funnily enough, Djokovic had the same thing to say about his compatriot in an interview with Altitude TV.

"I’m here to enjoy the basketball, a sport I love very much. Of course, appreciate the greatness of LeBron and and Nikola Jokic. He's huge. He's one of the best athletes we've ever had in the history of Serbian sport."

"What he has been doing in the last three years is just remarkable, not just for Serbian basketball, but also for European basketball, playing in the strongest basketball league in the world. He's amazing. I just love him a lot as a person."

While not much of a talker himself, Jokic has tremendous respect for Djokovic, who is a role model to any athlete in the world. As Jokic describes, he's put Serbia on top of the world many times, something Jokic aspires to do as well.

"They see him as a winner. He puts our country on top of the world many, many times."

Djokovic has been in the United States for a while after traveling to the country early this year. He was actually on the same flight as Rafael Nadal to the United States, so they snapped a picture together on the plane. He's already had a few practices on the UCLA courts as well.


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