'I Cried': Djokovic Opens Up About How He Disappointed Himself By Undergoing Surgery

'I Cried': Djokovic Opens Up About How He Disappointed Himself By Undergoing Surgery

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic recently talked about a surgery he had to undergo and why he was disappointed by his decision.

Tennis fans know how Djokovic's tennis career unfolded when it comes to the results and on-court performances. What we don't really know is how things looked from the other side because the Serbian never allowed too many cameras behind the scenes.

Fans are certainly going to see a movie or documentary one day, but for the time being, his appearance at the Upfront Summit is a pretty interesting collection of some really fascinating behind-the-scenes moments.

2017 was a tough season for Djokovic due to his elbow issues. He was bothered by it for a while before he finally bit the bullet and underwent surgery in 2018.

It's still the only surgery he ever had, and it's a painful memory for Djokovic, who saw it as a great disappointment. He was always someone dedicated to injury prevention, and having to finally go under the knife wasn't something he wanted to do due to his beliefs.

"I believe very strongly in prevention, not only in sports, but in anything really in life. So, I've had only one major surgery, I had a major injury to my elbow. Wear and tear, obviously, over the years, a lot of long matches, long seasons."

"And I was always really against tables and painkillers, and I never really wanted to get into that, but I had to, there was no other way, I started the season. I was avoiding surgery at all costs, but I realized I had to have surgery."

Luckily for Djokovic, people in his corner helped him see the other side as well, and when he started to win tennis matches again, the disappointment quickly went away. He was able to keep that the only surgery he ever had, which is quite amazing considering the wear and tear he put on his body over the years.

"I cried after surgery not because I was in pain, but because I felt like I let myself down. Because my philosophy is to avoid surgeries, do everything I can to avoid going under the knife. I felt like my mom was there, and she was trying to convince me it was fine."


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