Djokovic Admits To Being 'Dissatisfied And Frustrated' With One Of His Main Sponsors

Djokovic Admits To Being 'Dissatisfied And Frustrated' With One Of His Main Sponsors

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic voiced displeasure with one of his main sponsors when talking to Serbian media during the 2024 Wimbledon Championships.

Djokovic and Lacoste are among the most famous partnerships in tennis, as the famous crocodile logo has been present around his name for a while. Despite being with the brand since 2017, so for seven years now, there are some things that bother Djokovic, and he wasn't afraid to talk about them.

The Serbian feels like the brand could do a better job promoting products tied to him because quite a few people have complained to him that it's pretty tricky to get something out of the 'Champions line' from Lacoste.

He openly complained when talking to Serbian media, as per Clay, so it likely isn't something that the company is unaware of.

"I’m not happy with the way my sponsor does my marketing promotion, I’m frustrated. In recent years I’ve had dissatisfaction and frustration because many people looking for my products don’t have the possibility to find them in my sponsor’s stores. Some things are changing for the better now, but I am still not satisfied, because everything could be better."

Djokovic on Lacoste

The 24-time major winner also admitted that he would like to see the level of production and quantity improve in the future but also the availability because he knows that many people would like to get his clothing but they can't find it easily.

"I hope that my sponsor will increase the level of production and quantity, but also availability, so that people have the opportunity to find the products. The level of tennis I’m playing is very popular all over the world, Sure, my products can be bought on the website, but it’s different when people go to a store."

While Djokovic is one of the best partners that Lacoste could have wished for, given his legacy, his disappointment, which he made public, certainly won't make the company happy.


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