One Of Djokovic's Main Sponsors Alters Their Logo To Support Him During Injury Recovery

One Of Djokovic's Main Sponsors Alters Their Logo To Support Him During Injury Recovery

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic has many sponsors and they are all showing him great support after his most recent injury and subsequent surgery.

The 37-year-old Serbian was competing on a tennis court a few days ago, and now he's walking around with crutches after undergoing knee surgery. That's how quickly things can turn sometimes, and it's certainly not something that Djokovic doesn't understand.

He underlined many times that he was fortunate enough to avoid major injuries for much of his career. However, his most recent setback is certainly less than ideal because it comes at a tough spot in the schedule, leaving his Wimbledon participation in doubt.

The injury is a meniscus tear, which still requires a few weeks of recovery, especially after surgery. The Serbian is not one to undergo surgery unless he really has to, so the quickness with which he settled on this option suggests it was really a needed option.

Djokovic appeared to be in good spirits after posting a photo of himself after the surgery with crutches, and that's great to see because now he begins a recovery that will keep him away from tennis for at least a couple of weeks if not more.

One of his main sponsors is the clothing company Lacoste, who have altered their logo for Djokovic, making their iconic crocodile logo with a bandage around the knee joint. The social media post also included a message for the world no. 1.

"Get back to full strength soon @DjokerNole! Thanks to @graforiks for the creative touch!"

Lacoste on X

It's been a partnership for a couple of years now and will continue in the future, as Djokovic has a deal signed until 2025. He's been the global ambassador for the brand since 2017, after previously rocking the popular Japanese brand UNIQLO, which was worn also by Roger Federer.


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