'Didn't Come Here To Play A Few Rounds': Djokovic Gives Condition For Wimbledon Participation

'Didn't Come Here To Play A Few Rounds': Djokovic Gives Condition For Wimbledon Participation

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic provided an update on whether he'll play at the 2024 Wimbledon Championships after his first practice at SW19.

Djokovic is rushing back from a meniscus tear which had to be surgically repaired. Rushing an injury recovery is never a smart idea, but his injury allows it. Taylor Fritz recovered in 19 days a few years ago, and the 37-year-old Serbian is now attempting to do the same thing.

There are many opinions on whether it's possible, but after Djokovic appeared at Wimbledon and practiced, it seems to be possible. According to reports, he even won a practice set against Federico Coria.

Djokovic obviously has a goal in mind if he's going to play Wimbledon. He's not there just to play one or two rounds. Risking his knee for that is not worth it, which is why he confirmed to the media that he'll only play if he thinks he can win the grass-court major in London.

"I didn’t come here to play a few rounds. If I know I can play close to my maximum or at maximum, then I'll play. If not, then I'll give somebody else a chance to play."

Djokovic to BBC Sport

It's pretty hard to imagine he's been putting all of the effort just to withdraw on Sunday, but technically, it could happen. Many assume he'll play regardless and live the result, but Djokovic will apparently wait a few more days to see how he feels before making the final call.

He confirmed his stance once more, but according to different reports, the Serbian seems content with the progress made so far.

"I really will only play if I know I am in a state which is good enough to go far in the tournament and fight for the title, so that's the condition."


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