Djokovic Already Holds First Practice Session At Wimbledon Two Weeks After Surgery

Djokovic Already Holds First Practice Session At Wimbledon Two Weeks After Surgery

by Zachary Wimer

Despite all odds, Novak Djokovic is in London, and he had his first practice at Wimbledon ahead of what would be a miraculous return.

The Serbian legend injured his knee during a match against Francisco Cerundolo at the 2024 Roland Garros on June 5th, 2024. The injury was a meniscus tear, so it was not a minor issue.

He underwent surgery quickly after that to repair the tear and started rehabilitation, which generally lasts four to six weeks. Djokovic didn't have that time because he had about three weeks to get ready for Wimbledon, and while unlikely, it can be done.

Taylor Fritz did in just 19 days a few years ago when he returned to Wimbledon after tearing his meniscus in Paris. The Serbian even asked the American about his process, which only shows his dedication to making it back.

Despite his efforts, the doctor who performed the surgery was doubtful he would make it in time, but the 24-time major winner is in London, and he had just held his first practice.

The official Wimbledon account posted pictures from the practice on social media, and they showed a smiley Djokovic back on the grass. He was out there moving on the grass and hitting some tennis balls.

There were reports that the 37-year-old would go to London, but no official confirmation about his participation came, as he will most probably decide in the upcoming weeks.

He had a brace on his knee during the practice, but that shouldn't be a huge surprise. He might even play with it during matches if he opts to compete at SW19, but the injury has certainly added more fuel to the fire.

Having Djokovic at Wimbledon would be amazing both for the event and his fans, but we'll have to wait a few more days to find out.


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