'There Is Nothing That Surprises Me About Djokovic Anymore': Says Boris Becker

'There Is Nothing That Surprises Me About Djokovic Anymore': Says Boris Becker

by Jake Davies

Boris Becker admits that the recent achievements of Novak Djokovic have left him " a bit speechless" following his US Open triumph this season.

If there is anyone that knows what goes on through the mind of Novak Djokovic then it is Boris Becker. Becker became one of Djokovic's most successful coaches in the time they worked together. Becker played a big part in helping Djokovic win six Grand Slams between 2014-16 and the pair have stayed on good terms to this point.

Becker would have gained some information on what makes the Serbian tick, the things he does well to stay at the top of the game and the sacrifices he has made to become the player he is to this day.

The mind-boggling accomplishments that Djokovic has somehow pulled off to surpass some of his toughest rivals is something that Becker has considered as "extraordinary" but he also states that nothing surprises him when it comes to the Serbian anymore.

"There is nothing that surprises me about Novak Djokovic anymore. But that at 36 he still has the motivation, that he has the desire, that he has the leisure and invests the time. I mean, he doesn't have to prove anything to anyone anymore. Now he has reached Margaret Court with 24 Grand Slam titles and is the oldest Grand Slam winner. That's quite extraordinary."

One thing that Djokovic has done is really heighten the expectations of players that reach the latter years of their career. Opening up the possibility that Grand Slam triumphs are still on the horizon and a possibility. Becker mentioned how Djokovic is very much pushing the limits in so many ways.

"A few years ago I thought that such records could not be broken at all. Because at some point you are physically and mentally too old for competitive sports. Novak Djokovic is pushing the limits. I think all of us who love tennis, who also respect him, are a bit speechless."


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