'For Him It Would Be Greater Frustration': Nadal On Grand Slam Record Fight With Djokovic

'For Him It Would Be Greater Frustration': Nadal On Grand Slam Record Fight With Djokovic

by Nurein Ahmed

Rafael Nadal proclaimed his great rival Novak Djokovic as 'the best' in light of his recent record-extending 24th Grand Slam singles title - the most by any male player.

Djokovic won his fourth US Open title almost two weeks ago which was his third Grand Slam title this season. He tied Margaret Court's all-time record across both tours. Djokovic reclaimed the World No. 1 during the tournament, and as of this week, he will make it 391 weeks at the top of the standings - extending his own unprecedented record in that regard.

Nadal once led the Grand Slam race, when he won the French Open last year, but has been usurped by Djokovic who produced another stellar season, winning three of the four Slams on offer in 2023, becoming the first man to achieve this feat on four occasions (2011, 2015, 2021, 2023).

For Nadal, losing the marathon battle against Djokovic in the Grand Slam titles tally was inevitable, he tells Movistar. The Spanish lefty believes Djokovic was fuelled by the 'frustration' of missing out on the record for the most Slams, adding that the Serb lived for that tag 'more intensely' than himself.

Nadal does not have any regrets regarding his own career path despite many setbacks due to injuries, but there is always a hint of frustration he could have achieved more than 22 Slams. He was gracious in his assessment of Djokovic's records, calling him 'the best' having won the lot.

"It is possible to live frustrated with 22 Grand Slam titles. For example, Novak Djokovic lives these things much more intensely than me. For him it would be a greater frustration [not to beat the Slams record]. I don't live things like that. But that's why he is the best and managed to win what he won."

Nadal proclaims Djokovic 'the best' in an interview on Movistar


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