'Difficult To Go Down Stairs': Nadal Opens Up About Extent Of His Injury

'Difficult To Go Down Stairs': Nadal Opens Up About Extent Of His Injury

by Sebastian Dahlman

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Rafael Nadal is working on a return to the tennis courts, but he's not living pain-free, as per his admission in a recent interview.

Rafael Nadal has been mainly out of the spotlight since his injury earlier this year in Australia. It's the type of life he prefers, but he resurfaced for an interview with Movistar recently, talking about many different topics.

One of those topics was his injury which caused him to miss this entire season. We don't know whether the rumblings of him making a November comeback are true but we do know that he's been practising on a tennis court.

That's good news, right? In ways, yes, but it doesn't mean that he's ridden himself of the consequences of his injuries. Being a professional athlete means that you have to accept some presence of pain, and that's the reality for Nadal right now. He is officially injury-free but not pain-free.

[The pain isn't gone] but now it is controllable. There are times when the foot does not let me live in peace, it is difficult for me to even go down the stairs, and that happens sometimes.

Nobody likes to be in pain, and Nadal confirmed that his mood changes when he's feeling it more than usual. That's just the price he paid for pushing his body as much as he did but it repaid itself with some incredible results.

If it hurts it is difficult to be happy, my character changes when it hurts more than necessary.

Even with all that, Nadal is still planning to return to tennis and try his best. He's unsure how well he can play and what might happen, but he's willing to give it a try with the 2024 Australian Open as the most likely returning date, according to his uncle Toni Nadal.


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