Ben Shelton vs Jordan Thompson: 2024 Dallas Open - Preview & Prediction

Ben Shelton vs Jordan Thompson: 2024 Dallas Open - Preview & Prediction

by Zachary Wimer

Ben Shelton is back to winning ways in his native United States, but how will he do against a really crafty player in Jordan Thompson?

Thompson is a very crafty and tricky player capable of creating many problems in various ways. He's a solid server and a very solid baseline player with the occasional good volley.

There is really not much in his game, which is a glaring flaw, and he does a really good job of utilizing his strengths. There are no easy matches against him, though he can be overwhelmed with the right approach.

Shelton has it with his devastating power and aggressive nature, but he'll need to be careful and avoid doing too much, and running into too many unforced errors.

It wasn't the best of runs Down Under for the American, but he returned to winning ways in Dallas, surprising himself with his level. It's been three weeks, but he looked like somebody who didn't miss a beat, so that was good to see.


Shelton and Thompson have played a couple of times, and it's been a pretty tricky matchup for the American. They first played in 2022 on the ATP Challenger Tour, and Shelton won that very close match in two sets.

They also played last year in Tokyo, where Shelton won his maiden trophy. It was another close three-set match. So, basically, the Australian player attempts to push Shelton quite a bit, but the American always finds a way to overwhelm his opponent. At least he has been able so far.

Ben Shelton Jordan Thompson
1 H2H 0
16 Rank 44
21 Age 29
4-3 2024 W/L 4-3
33-30 Career W/L 109-138


I think this one goes similarly because Thompson's recent play is certainly good enough to cause some damage, but I don't think he will win. Shelton can overwhelm him, and Dallas plays pretty fast, so that should benefit him as well.

Prediction: Ben Shelton to win in two sets.


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