Raducanu Reacts To Brutal Abu Dhabi Open Loss To Jabeur

Raducanu Reacts To Brutal Abu Dhabi Open Loss To Jabeur

by Zachary Wimer

Emma Raducanu had high hopes for her 2024 Abu Dhabi Open campaign, but it proved more of a mixed bag, the same way the previous events went.

Raducanu's comeback was always going to be a mixed bag. That's just how it goes because there are very few if any, tennis players that are able to just jump back in and play consistently on the same level as before.

For the most part, it truly has been a mixed bag because the Brit played well in Adelaide but lost early. She also played well at the Australian Open but lost early. She also played really well at the Abu Dhabi Open, at least in the first round, but still lost in the second round.

Essentially, she's playing at a solid level but not good enough to really challenge the best players in the world.

Speaking about her most recent match in Abu Dhabi after the loss at the WTA 50 event, Raducanu admitted that it was difficult against a difficult opponent.

"It was a tough match. Ons is a difficult opponent so credit to her, she played really well and it's just a match that personally I need to forget about."

There are a few things Raducanu can take away from the comeback so far. She's certainly good enough to return to the top, but it's going to take a lot more matches to really find that level again. After all, tennis is a rhythm-based sport, so players need to find it if they want to win consistently, and she doesn't have it yet.

"She's a great opponent, she has amazing hand skills, makes life really hard for you on the court and especially with the balls which are really heavy. Her defensive skills are great and I think that's something I can improve on too."


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