'Spent My Entire Life Trying To Be Something I'm Not': Kyrgios On Going Against The Grain

'Spent My Entire Life Trying To Be Something I'm Not': Kyrgios On Going Against The Grain

by Nurein Ahmed

Nick Kyrgios recently shared a fascinating insight as to how being authentic and true to his values completely revitalized his mindset and made him happier in life.

The Australian tennis star was speaking on his talk show "Good Trouble with Nick Kyrgios," which launched last month. He has partnered with Naomi Osaka's media company, Hana Kuma, to set up the video podcast, which features a series of profound and interesting interviews with high-profile personalities in various disciplines.

In a new episode released on the show's YouTube channel, Kyrgios invited British podcaster and author Jay Shetty, and the pair had a lot of parallels in their own life experiences. The former World No. 13 found common ground in Shetty's experience of being "rebellious" so that he could live a life he "truly wanted."

Shetty opined that society conditions everyone to live the same life, so when a skeptical person emerges and begins questioning or doesn't abide by the principles, it is often referred to as "going against the grain," something Kyrgios resonates with.

Kyrgios explained that living the life of a person he was not was hard and that he had to change in pursuit of happiness. The 28-year-old has grown into a much-maligned figure in tennis because of his unique playing style, combustible on-court behavior, and his outspoken ability when he is on the microphone.

"Going against the grain, the more that I was normal and put into like well behaved or a good, classy, not-rough-around-the-edges. Just a normal tennis player that was, for me, going against the grain."

"So I actually have spent my entire life trying to be something that I'm not which was trying to be a classy tennis player and carry myself like a true gentleman, which I am but on the court I'm not. So it's like that was against the grain for me but then when I started just being myself I started finding some happiness."

Kyrgios is currently on an injury hiatus, having played one match in 2023. He hasn't set a return date, but reports suggest he could make his comeback during the grass swing in June.


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