'I'm Just Passionate': Kyrgios Defends On-Court Behaviour During His Career

'I'm Just Passionate': Kyrgios Defends On-Court Behaviour During His Career

by Jordan Reynolds

Nick Kyrgios' on-court antics have generated much attention through the years, but the Australian has defended himself from fans who criticize him.

Kyrgios has only played one match in the last 12 months. This was a failed comeback attempt in Stuttgart to try and be ready for Wimbledon. That means his fiery and unique personality has been missing on-court.

The 2022 Wimbledon runner-up has remained active off-court. This includes being a commentator throughout this year's Australian Open, which led to Kyrgios giving Carlos Alcaraz a piece of advice after his quarterfinal defeat to Alexander Zverev.

Kyrgios has also refuted that he could retire from tennis. Some fans thought this might be the case after an article he wrote that indicated that retirement could be coming, but the 28-year-old has rubbished those rumors.

In addition, Kyrgios recently started a podcast. He had on celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey and discussed how he gets passionate on the court, but he is not angry at others when that happens.

"It's passion, like when I get angry on court, I'm not doing it because I'm mad at someone else. I'm just upset cause I know I can do better."

Kyrgios feels he often is not taking it too far, although he did make one exception that he acknowledged was a bad example for kids who may be watching.

"But for me, when I take it too far, in the tennis world, for instance, swearing is frowned upon. Well, I don't even think I take it too far at times. Obviously, if I smash a racket, yeah, whatever for the youth that are looking up, but it's just passionate at the end of the day."

The Australian also said he was just trying to maximize his level, and he did not understand those saying his antics crossed the line.

"For me, I'm trying to get the best out of myself, but I never understand people that say I was taking it too far."


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