Alcaraz 'Doesn't Need To Always Try To Put On Such Big Show' According To Kyrgios

Alcaraz 'Doesn't Need To Always Try To Put On Such Big Show' According To Kyrgios

by Zachary Wimer

Nick Kyrgios is a showman, but he wants to see Carlos Alcaraz be less of a showman because he really doesn't need to do it.

Alcaraz plays flashy tennis. It's as simple as that. He doesn't do it just to do it; it's simply his tremendous level that allows him to do it. At times, he tends to get a bit 'too cute' with his tennis, and it costs him.

It cost him the match against Alexander Zverev because he went for a drop shot on a crucial point, which didn't need to be a drop shot. Kyrgios was there watching that match unfold, and he noticed the same thing.

He would like for Alcaraz to become less flashy and simply focus on the match, as there is no need. His name is already out there, and people are showing up to watch him play without any promise of spectacular play.

The fact that he's one the court playing is already good enough, and that's what the Australian suggested when commentating the match for Eurosport.

"One thing he has to look out for. When he goes to these stadiums around the world, he's achieved more than I have in my career already, but he doesn't need to always try and put on such a big show because he's already good enough."

Kyrgios is an interesting player to speak about the topic because he shares that affinity. His crazy shots mostly came from a reluctance to play long rallies, but he's also attempted some outrageous shots 'for the show,' so he understands that mindset.

"People come and pay to watch him play for just who he is and how he plays all the time. Doesn't have to be so spectacular and hit these crazy shots."

When it comes to Alcaraz, he wants to win desperately but sometimes just goes about it the wrong way. That's why he called himself immature after losing to Daniil Medvedev at the US Open last year.


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