'Exceptional Accuracy And Power': Mouratoglou Picks Kyrgios As Second-Best Server Ever

'Exceptional Accuracy And Power': Mouratoglou Picks Kyrgios As Second-Best Server Ever

by Nurein Ahmed

Patrick Mouratoglou recently shared his top five list of players with the best serve in tennis and made a fascinating pick for second place.

The serve is usually regarded as the key shot in tennis because it is the one time on the court when a player has complete control of his or her shot. And many players try to use it to their advantage by winning cheap points.

It is the most efficient and can be devastatingly effective when hit properly. While technically, it can be one of the hardest shots to learn as a beginner, professionals don't lose their serve instantly, even as they approach the decline phase in their careers.

Since tennis became a professional sport over a century ago, the serve has evolved thanks to the advancements in equipment and specialized training afforded to players. In the last three or four decades, several tennis players built their reputation solely for being the ultimate serving machines.

French coach Mouratoglou, one of the foremost tennis minds, compiled his top five list, including players from the past and current era, with Australian maverick Nick Kyrgios featuring as high as second place, above 14-time Grand Slam champion Pete Sampras.

The 28-year-old possesses a potent serve and naturally strikes out as a threat on any surface because of it. Mouratoglou believes Kyrgios has an "exceptionally" accurate serve, which he combines with immense power. Not only is it unpredictable, but it is also very effective.

"Despite his height of just 1.93 meters, Nick Kyrgios sets himself apart with exceptional accuracy and power on his serve, enabling him to earn numerous points, notably with his outstanding second serve. Undoubtedly, he merits acknowledgment as one of the premier servers in tennis history."

Not long ago, Mouratoglou labeled Kyrgios as the best server on the current tour. The 53-year-old picked retired American John Isner as the greatest server in tennis history. Isner has served the most aces on record (over 14,000) in his playing career and is well deserving of this distinction.


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