'Superstars Go Beyond The Sport': Mouratoglou On Influence Of Djokovic, Nadal & Serena

'Superstars Go Beyond The Sport': Mouratoglou On Influence Of Djokovic, Nadal & Serena

by Nurein Ahmed

Patrick Mouratoglou recently shared his opinion on the impact that top players like retired legend Serena Williams and current ATP No. 1 Novak Djokovic have had on the sport.

It's no secret that tennis, like any other sport, relies on the presence of iconic names that transcend it, as these players are always considered superstars with a magnetic appeal to fans. As such, tennis tournaments stand to maximize their revenues through tickets when these players play.

Serena Williams is one such example, with Mouratoglou explaining in a reel on Instagram that the excitement was palpable upon fans receiving the news that she was playing. Furthermore, the Frenchman asserted that male players like Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have equal star power.

"I think every sport needs superstars. Superstars go beyond the sport, bring new fans. They fill up the stadium, and I think it's very important. I remember when Serena was playing. The excitement around it, of course, is the same now with Novak and with Rafa, who unfortunately couldn't play."

While the growing popularity of tennis has soared through the years thanks to the aforementioned trio, Mouratoglou believes there needs to be a different side to the coin - one that requires the emergence of challengers and younger players to come up with interesting narratives.

Mouratogou opined that the success of the sport breeds an underdog beating the favorite, highlighting that both sides complement each other. Additionally, the 53-year-old stated that there is "tension" within the ATP landscape because of such competition, which gives life to the tour.

"It brings a lot of attention. But I think it's exciting to have both superstars and also young players coming up, it's not great if the champions always win. There has to be some suspense and uncertainty.

"The ideal situation at the moment, I think we have it because Novak is still at the top. Rafa, we'll see, but on clay, for sure, he will be the guy to beat. And you have young players coming up, who are very dangerous. There is this tension that I think that every sport needs."


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