'Be More Consistent In Matches': Ferrero Sounds Improvement Areas For Alcaraz

'Be More Consistent In Matches': Ferrero Sounds Improvement Areas For Alcaraz

by Nurein Ahmed

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Juan Carlos Ferrero has detailed the key areas in which Carlos Alcaraz can improve in his game to develop into an elite athlete.

At just 20, Alcaraz has already accomplished what over half the tour can call a dream career. He has won two Grand Slams, ascended to No. 1, and recently finished as the second-highest-paid active tennis player in the past year, according to Forbes.

But he is far from a finished article, at least according to the eyes of a man who has played an integral role in shaping Alcaraz into the modern-day tennis phenomenon that he is. Ferrero believes Alcaraz needs to "be more consistent" in his matches.

That doesn't imply Alcaraz isn't winning tennis matches. In fact, he has won a ton this season, the second-most on tour. But rather, the fact that he is "opening doors" for his opponents during matches.

Ferrero explains that Alcaraz can become the best version of himself and mimic close rival Novak Djokovic, whom he says doesn't gift players "mistakes." He wasn't being critical and the 43-year-old understands that his protege will learn with experience, including improving his decision-making.

Sometimes having so many shots on your sleeve can make it quite difficult to know which one to choose. And in the case of Alcaraz, he's got a toolbox of shots at his disposal and occasionally overthinks in his execution.

"Be more consistent in matches, don't open doors. Sometimes there are mistakes and it is something that we have to improve a lot. Although it is true that he opens doors, he always competes well and at the highest level."

Ferrero in an interview with Marca

"He knows this, the other day he already said that Novak doesn't give you any (mistakes). He has to improve his decision-making and he will achieve that with experience. Carlos is very emotional and sometimes that helps him and other times not so much."


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