Djokovic Tops Forbes' List Of Highest-Paid Tennis Players, Alcaraz Second

Djokovic Tops Forbes' List Of Highest-Paid Tennis Players, Alcaraz Second

by Nurein Ahmed

Novak Djokovic reigned supreme ahead of his peers as he topped Forbes' annual list of the top earners in tennis in the last 12 months.

Djokovic amassed an estimated $38.4 million (inclusive of taxes and agent fees) in the period between September 2022 to August 2023, out of which he banked $13.4 million in prize money and roughly $25 million off-court fortune ranging from endorsement deals, appearance fees and licensing.

Forbes' list, which only includes active tennis players sees Djokovic beat second-placed Carlos Alcaraz by a healthy margin. The 20-year-old Spaniard raked an estimated $31.4 million in the past year of which $11.4 million was accounted on the tennis courts by virtue of winning two Grand Slams.

Alcaraz earned $20 million away from the court, and that figure is expected to rise significantly following his latest contract extension with French racket sponsor Babolat. WTA No. 1 Iga Swiatek is third on the list, having made $22.4 million, while Daniil Medvedev is in fourth place and the last player who amassed at least a fortune of $20 million.

Injured star Rafael Nadal is surprisingly in fifth spot, but that is because he raked more in sponsorship income than tennis-related revenue. Nadal made $14 million out of his total of $15.1 million in endorsements. The Spanish lefty isn't the only injured player who made more in endorsements.

British star Emma Raducanu and former WTA No. 1 Naomi Osaka, who are both on a hiatus, made an eight-figure income from endorsements and make up the top-10 list. The American duo of Coco Gauff and Jessica Pegula also make their way into the top 10, having made $15.2 million and $10.9 million respectively.

Since 2007, Roger Federer has been the highest-paid tennis player for over a decade, but after his retirement, he is ineligible to feature in the current list.

The World’s Highest-Paid Tennis Players 2023:

# Player Prize Money Off-Court Total
1. Novak Djokovic $13.4 mil $25 mil $38.4 mil
2. Carlos Alcaraz $11.4 mil $20 mil $31.4 mil
3. Iga Swiatek $8.4 mil $14 mil $22.4 mil
4. Daniil Medvedev $7.1 mil $13 mil $20.1 mil
5. Rafael Nadal $1.5 mil $14 mil $15.5 mil
6. Emma Raducanu $0.3 mil $15 mil $15.3 mil
7. Coco Gauff $3.2 mil $12 mil $15.2 mil
8. Casper Ruud $6.4 mil $8 mil $14.4 mil
9. Naomi Osaka $0.1 mil $12 mil $12.1 mil
10. Jessica Pegula $4.9 mil $6 mil $10.9 mil


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