'Second Father': Alcaraz Opens Up About Importance Of Ferrero In His Team

'Second Father': Alcaraz Opens Up About Importance Of Ferrero In His Team

by Kadir Macar

Carlos Alcaraz spoke about his coach, Juan Carlos Ferrero, following his win over Hubert Hurkacz at the 2023 Canadian Open, calling him a second father.

The Spaniard has been working with Ferrero for a few years now as the former world number one keeps doing amazing things with his protege. Ferrero was a very respected pro for much of his career on the ATP Tour, a former number one who knew what it took to become great.

They share a very strong bond as highlighted by Ferrero's reaction to Alcaraz winning Wimbledon recently. He provides a very calm voice of guidance to the teenager during his dramatic rise. It's been working well so far for Alcaraz as he has two Grand Slams on top of spending multiple weeks as the world number one.

After his most recent win at the Canadian Open, Alcaraz praised Ferrero calling him a second father and explaining just how crucial he was for his development as a player and a young man. In the words of Alcaraz, he wouldn't be here without Ferrero.

Well, he was my mentor. You know, everything that I have done is thanks to him. I learned a lot from him not only in the professional part, even the personal part as well. He's my second father, so he is really important person for me.

The beginning of Alcaraz's career was particularly important because Ferrero could relay everything he knew to his protege having gone through it himself. Being able to learn from Ferrero about how to deal with all the craziness helped him navigate it as well as he did. After all, his breakout was one of the smoothest we've seen in years.

I mean, everything that I've, you know, came through, you know, at the beginning, he was experienced in that moment, you know, and I learned about how to deal in a lot of tough moments, you know, and first things about everything. You know, so I am the person and the player that I am right now thanks to him.


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