Andy Murray Triumphs In British Colours Again At Davis Cup

Andy Murray Triumphs In British Colours Again At Davis Cup

by Evita Mueller

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Andy Murray returned to the Davis Cup and secured a win, though it was a very complicated 3-set match against Leandro Riedi.

The British Davis Cup team has a chance to secure a spot in the knockout stage of the event in November, but they a need win over Switzerland to do so. Andy Murray delivered the first point by beating Leandro Riedi in a fairly complicated match that could have been much easier for the Brit.

Either way, he added his contribution towards winning the competition; a goal he deems reasonable. He took an early break in this one, playing some solid tennis against the lesser-experienced Riedi.

He didn't hold on to that lead, though, as Riedi battled back and forced a tiebreak. It was a close one, Murray had two set points but then lost it 9-7. That was not ideal because the Brit wasted four set points in total in the first set and was up 5-2.

Even so, Murray kept his head down and fought hard to get a break in the second set. Riedi broke back immediately, but Murray once again pulled ahead, and this time around, Murray held his serve to win the second set.

The final one saw the Brit slowly wear down his much younger opponent, getting the needed break midway through the set, which put him in a great spot. He would calmly sail her ship to port, securing the first point for his country.

The final score was 6-7(7) 6-4 6-4 for Murray, who didn't play the greatest of matches but did enough against a very explosive player who isn't the patient kind. Riedi blasted over 50 winners in this one but also had over 70 unforced errors, which lost him the match.

Murray posted a very ugly 19 winner and 43 unforced error performance, but when you have an opponent who blasted 20 more, you will likely win. A good return for Murray after being unsure whether he'll ever play in the Davis Cup.


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