Alcaraz Reveals He's Not Feeling As 'the Best Of His Generation'

Alcaraz Reveals He's Not Feeling As 'the Best Of His Generation'

by Kadir Macar

Carlos Alcaraz is the top seed at Wimbledon and current number one but he doesn't feel like the top player of his generation.

Transitioning to the professional is always hard to do and it doesn't matter which sport you play. When you think about tennis then you have multiple examples of players that were sensational in the junior but never achieved much in the professionals on the ATP Tour.

How can it be? It's the same game, the same courts. Well, it's because things change and people evolve. A 25-year-old Stan Wawrinka wouldn't expect to be considered one of the better players from the big three era yet peak Wawrinka stood shoulder to shoulder with Djokovic.

Nobody knows what might happen and while Carlos Alcaraz seems to be leading the race right now he still doesn't think he's the best player of his generation. He named Holger Rune and Jannik Sinner; the latter has beaten Alcaraz three times so far, once in a final too.

Well, I don't feel that I'm the best of my generation. I mean, Sinner is there. Rune, as well. They are playing a great level. I mean, it's 1-0 head-to-head against Rune. I mean, he's up on me right now. Great matches with Jannik.

Alcaraz is certainly most likely to emerge on top because you can kind of see it with great talents. Pretty quickly you can spot a player that is likely to win multiple Grand Slams as opposed to a very talented one who might win one or two at best. Time will tell best and things could obviously change. Alcaraz is just excited about the battles.

I don't feel at the time I'm the best in my generation. There are a lot of great players in my age that each are there right now. We are going to share great moments. That's all I can say right now.

There are some indicators though that Alcaraz is destined for a special type of greatness. You don't become the youngest number one ever by chance and you certainly don't become the youngest ever to reclaim a number one after losing it.


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