Alcaraz Opens Up About His Immediate Reaction To Getting Injured In Monte Carlo

Alcaraz Opens Up About His Immediate Reaction To Getting Injured In Monte Carlo

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz first experienced issues with his arm ahead of the 2024 Monte-Carlo Masters, and it was very frustrating for him because he really wanted to play.

Alcaraz hasn't had good luck with Monaco so far, as the Spaniard played only once. Despite being one of the best clay tournaments of the year, its unique position in the calendar makes it one players tend to miss from time to time.

Alcaraz played a few years ago but was beaten early by Sebastian Korda. He also missed the first ATP Masters 1000 clay-court event last year and this year due to an injury.

He was in Monaco practicing but quickly realized that it wouldn't work out and returned home to Murcia. Ahead of the Madrid Open, Alcaraz spoke about that situation, admitting how frustrating it was because he wanted to play at it.

"Frustration, frustration, because it was a tournament that we decided to go and play, a very nice tournament that I had only played once and I was excited to compete."

Alcaraz on withdrawing from the Monte-Carlo Masters

"When you get injured, positive thoughts never come. It was a frustrating and angry moment because it came suddenly and I couldn't go out and compete."

Things didn't go that well for Alcaraz after that, either. The Spaniard had to withdraw from the Barcelona Open, which was even more painful for him. He even admitted to crying after that withdrawal because it was so tough to digest.

He's now in Madrid hoping to play, although there is some doubt about that. He demonstrated last week that he doesn't want to rush, which indicates it is likely something that could be worse.

Therefore, he's certainly looking towards the French Open as a tournament for which he wants to be fit. That event is certainly a priority ahead of all else, and he wouldn't want to miss it.


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