Alcaraz Admits To Crying After Losing To Djokovic At ATP Finals

Alcaraz Admits To Crying After Losing To Djokovic At ATP Finals

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz is a very honest tennis player, and he's not afraid to admit when he gets emotional, and he did recently.

Carlos Alcaraz has 'CCC' tattooed on his arm, and it's a phrase his grandfather used to tell him when he was younger. It means cabeza, corazon, and cojones, which means head, heart, and "balls."

Despite his motto, Alcaraz is still a human, and he also gets emotional from time to time. That means he's vulnerable and feels emotions, especially when he wins or loses a big match.

He admitted to feeling quite disappointed by more than a few of his losses in recent years. One of those actually caused him to cry a little bit, which was a very interesting and honest admission by the Spaniard when talking to Marca.

"I'm not sure, but I would say after losing in the semifinals of the ATP Finals in Turin against Djokovic."

Alcaraz on crying after losses

Obviously, the 2023 ATP Finals loss to Novak Djokovic wasn't the only painful loss for him because there have been many. He was visibly disappointed by the loss against Daniil Medvedev at last year's US Open.

He actually had some pretty harsh words, which was interesting to observe. Some other losses he mentioned were losses to Alexander Zverev and Djokovic, as well as the most recent loss against Nicolas Jarry in Buenos Aires.

It denied him his first final in six months, and he really needed that victory, still, the loss at the ATP Finals is the only one that made him cry.

"There have been several defeats that have hurt me, like those of Zverev and Djokovic in the ATP Finals and the last one of Jarry in Buenos Aires."

Rio was supposed to be the place where things would finally work out again, but the opposite was true because he injured himself. Luckily, it's not a serious injury, and he'll be good to go for the Indian Wells Open, where he won a trophy last year.


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