Alcaraz Admits He's Worried By Frequent Injuries Bothering Him

Alcaraz Admits He's Worried By Frequent Injuries Bothering Him

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz has had many minor injuries so far in his career, and he's baffled by them as much as anyone else as he tries to figure them out.

This clay season hasn't started as Alcaraz wanted because he missed the first two events he was supposed to play. He missed both of them due to a physical problem that wasn't described as an injury but was still severe enough to stop him from playing in Monte-Carlo and Barcelona.

He's apparently still not 100% ahead of his first match at the Madrid Open, which is interesting considering how much time he has already missed. The Spaniard has had problems with minor injuries in the past and a few bigger ones, which caused him to miss a few months.

It doesn't bode well for his future as he gets older and more injury-prone. Alcaraz himself admitted that it concerns him because he doesn't quite understand why it happens, as he revealed to Marca.

"The truth is that yes, many times I do not understand the situations, I do not understand the moments and I ask them but why if I am doing things well: I am sleeping well, I am eating well, I am training well and the injuries come . In the end we have to deal with injuries."

Sometimes, things simply happen for no reason, but Alcaraz believes the future is bright. He thinks that everything he does now will pay off in the future, so he'll be able to avoid any injuries.

"Even though I feel physically well, I have trained well, I am 20 years old and my body is not done. I need a couple of years for my body to adjust a little to this demand. I believe that by taking care of ourselves these years it will get better. But I have asked myself this and many times I don't understand it."


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