"Alcaraz is the Tyson of tennis" - says Medvedev's coach Cervara

"Alcaraz is the Tyson of tennis" - says Medvedev's coach Cervara

by Alfredo Bassanelli

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Daniil Medvedev's coach Gilles Cervara called Carlos Alcaraz the Mike Tyson of tennis in a recent praise spree.

Cervara had a very good seat for the Medvedev and Alcaraz match being able to see how well the Spaniard took apart the game of his protégé. It was quite a spectacle with many in the tennis community stunned by the ease of Alcaraz winning the match against a very strong opponent who rarely gets beaten that easily.

Cervara made the comparison because the force on the forehand of Alcaraz reminds him of the power Tyson was able to generate when fighting.

He is the Tyson of tennis because of how he is able to hit those forehands with the racket. There were blows that displaced Daniil 10 meters with brutal power and speed.

Cervara further heaped praise on the youngster explaining that he's an incredible player which is quite self-evident. He also promised that Medvedev will try to find the flaws within his game in order to have better chances the next time they played.

He is an incredible player. It leaves rivals with no options. We thought he would make mistakes and it seemed that he could not fail. We will have to start looking for their weak points for the future.

He did beat him the first time they played but that was on grass which is quite possibly the weakest surface of Alcaraz out of all of them. It was also quite a while ago and he dramatically improved since then. Clay will probably be a tricky one for the Russian considering how he doesn't like the surface but perhaps grass might see them clash again giving the Russian more chances.

Perhaps they meet in Miami though so we can see a quick rematch between the two stars.


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