Rune Thinks He Reached Still Only 60% Of His Potential

Rune Thinks He Reached Still Only 60% Of His Potential

by Sebastian Dahlman

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At just 19 years old, world no. 8 Holger Rune is already establishing himself as one of the title contenders at every event on the ATP Tour.

Despite his impressive ranking, the young Danish talent firmly believes that he has only unlocked a mere 55-60% of his potential. With a hunger for growth and an unwavering determination to be the best, Rune's journey towards unearthing his full potential is an inspiring tale of a prodigious star on the rise.

The teenager acknowledges the frustration in realizing that he can be even better than his current performance but chooses to view it as a positive driving force. The world of tennis should brace itself as this young phenom continues to refine his skills and develop as a player, relentlessly pursuing that elusive 100% mark.

"I think [I have reached] maybe 55 or 60 per cent [of my potential]. I’m 19, so I feel like I have a lot to learn still. When I’m out there playing, I feel still like I can be a lot better, which is in a way nice but sometimes frustrating."

“I just have to look at it as a positive thing. I’m No. 8 in the world now, and I’ve reached I think maybe 55 or 60 per cent of my potential, so it’s a positive thing.” 

Up next, the young Dane will compete at the 2023 Miami Open, where he's the seventh-seeded. In the second round, Rune will play against Marton Fucsovics and he's really looking forward to the event.

“I’ve done that pretty well here [in Miami]. We’ve had a lot of good practice sessions, I feel ready, ready to go out there and have fun. It’s the last hard-court tournament before the clay season, so I’m just going to enjoy it as much as I can.” 


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