Wimbledon Champion Vondrousova Announces Divorce From Her Husband

Wimbledon Champion Vondrousova Announces Divorce From Her Husband

by Zachary Wimer

Reigning Wimbledon champion Marketa Vondrousova has announced her divorce from her husband after nearly three years of marriage.

Looking only a few months ago, the Czech player was at the top of the world. She had just finished off one of the most surprising Wimbledon runs in recent memory to lift the trophy.

At the same time, she was celebrating two years of marriage, so everything in life seemed to be going well for her. She just had her best tennis moment and cemented herself in the Top 10.

Things were going well off-court, too, but it hasn't been like that in the past month. Vondrousova recently returned to tennis at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix and played some fair tennis, but the weeks leading up to the return were tough.

She abandoned plans of playing in Indian Wells after finding out about her health, immediately traveling back home to see him one last time.

"I learned in America that he was no longer well, so I definitely wanted to see him again and say goodbye. I am very glad that I flew and that I made it. He still perceived that we were together.."

On top of that, she also dealt with some marriage problems. In a conversation with Blesk.cz, Vondrousova confirmed that she and her husband broke up and are in the process of divorcing.

"I'm definitely not having a happy time in the last few weeks. Our marriage with Stepan ended a few weeks ago, we broke up. He moved out of the shared apartment. Even with a cat. Now we're all single and we don't have anyone."

There is no ill feeling between them, and everything has been agreed upon. The silver lining is that the divorce should not be a huge distraction for her because it seems to be going smoothly.

"It just didn't work out for us. It wasn't what we both imagined, so we agreed not to be together anymore. Now we are formally resolving the divorce, but we have agreed on everything."


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