'We Need Raducanu To Be Healthy': King Positive About Raducanu's Future

'We Need Raducanu To Be Healthy': King Positive About Raducanu's Future

by Sebastian Dahlman

Emma Raducanu hasn't played much this year, but the Brit is set to make a comeback next year, which will be exciting for legendary player Billie Jean King.

King was in attendance for Raducanu's amazing US Open run in 2021, and ever since then, she's keenly followed the Brit to see where her career on the WTA Tour will go.

Like many former players, King expected some struggles on the pathway to stardom from Raducanu, and while that did come true, it was mostly her body and not her tennis that let her down.

Far too many nagging injuries contributed to her missing a lot of time both last and this year, and after addressing those issues surgically, Raducanu is expected to have a good year in 2024.

King is excited about it as she can't wait to see Raducanu compete again. The legendary player spoke to SkySports and praised the Brit in the interview.

We need Raducanu to be healthy, number one. She's a great person. She's interested in the world around her, she can speak more than one language - she can speak Chinese because her mother's Chinese. She's somebody who I think is interesting as a human being.

King showers Raducanu with praise

I'm interested in her next chapter and I want her to be really healthy so she can play tennis, because I know she loves to play. We'll see how that goes. You've got to be healthy. If you're not, you shouldn't play, so I think they've done the right thing this year.

The comeback is just one of many anticipated comebacks for next year's Australia summer. We have Raducanu returning, on top of Rafael Nadal and Naomi Osaka, who should also be back.

It just promises to be a great month of tennis down under, and Raducanu hopes to be a big part of it. We know she has what it takes because she looked amazing in Auckland earlier this year until she rolled her ankle.

There are even rumours about her returning there despite putting the event on blast after her injury.


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