WATCH: Kyrgios Turns Into Coach To Help Osaka With Tennis Comeback

WATCH: Kyrgios Turns Into Coach To Help Osaka With Tennis Comeback

by Sebastian Dahlman

Nick Kyrgios is in the United States right now, and he stopped by Naomi Osaka's practice court to see how her comeback preparation has been going.

Kyrgios traveled to the United States for his gig with the Tennis Channel, which is based in California. He spent a really good week there in the studio, providing some insights from his point of view as a player who knows the sport pretty well.

After work, Kyrgios pivoted to some chill times in California, going to a Lakers game among other things. He also stopped by Naomi Osaka's house in Los Angeles to see how her comeback had been going.

Osaka has been preparing for a long time and is getting closer to a competitive return as she'll play in Brisbane, which will be at the start of the new year. In the video posted by Osaka's Evolve agency, Kyrgios gives Osaka some tips as she prepares to take the court in her backyard.

Kyrgios is actually one of the people who signed for her newly founded agency last year. He shared the practice video on his Instagram and some other stories hinting at a possible collaboration with Osaka, which wouldn't be a surprise considering they're signed to the same agency.

You can see Kyrgios coaching Osaka below, but the real question is when he will return to tennis. In the various recent media appearances by Kyrgios, the Australian hinted that the comeback might not happen in his native Australia, which would be pretty unfortunate.

We don't know, as he didn't really say anything special, but for the most part, he didn't seem too convinced about an imminent return. Being away from the courts himself and seemingly practicing very little is another big indicator of him not coming back anytime soon. In any case, check out the video below.


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