Alcaraz Has 'Too Much Talent' Not To Win At Least Ten Grand Slams Says Macci

Alcaraz Has 'Too Much Talent' Not To Win At Least Ten Grand Slams Says Macci

by Erik Virostko

Carlos Alcaraz wants to be the greatest player ever, which could happen, but as famed coach Rick Macci noted, he first needs to get to ten Grand Slams.

Carlos Alcaraz is the most exciting talent to emerge in the last decade. We haven't seen a young player as good as him since Rafael Nadal, who was the last teenager, made such a dramatic impact.

While Novak Djokovic was really good early, his rise was a bit more slower. He won his maiden Grand Slam in Australia at age 20 and didn't win a second one until three years later.

Alcaraz is at two already and has some other milestones that push him ahead of Djokovic at this age. The Serbian would obviously go on to put together the most impressive tennis carer we've ever seen, something Alcaraz wants to emulate.

The talent is there; however, it's a very long process. First, he needs to win his third major, then his fourth, and the journey is long to 24. As famous coach Rick Macci told Tennis Infinity in an exclusive interview, Alcaraz should realistically get at least to ten because he's too talented not to.

I'm not making excuses, I just think it's a learning process. He's going to have a bucket of Grand Slams, and what I mean by that way in the double figures, no doubt about it. There's too much talent. He has more options with his strokes and with his shot making than anybody in the world. But it also can hurt you. It takes you a while to kind of figure that out and it can cut both ways, especially on a big point.

Macci makes a very good point because Alcaraz won most of his matches thanks to his dominance, even so early in his career. He beats opponents with his tremendous talent, but when it doesn't work, it really doesn't work.

He's played himself out of a few matches as well, and it's something he'll learn to control with experience. Time will tell but he's got a really good shot to put his name among the best ever but he'll need some luck as well.


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