'Most Consistent & Disciplined' Swiatek Backed To Finish Also 2024 As World No. 1

'Most Consistent & Disciplined' Swiatek Backed To Finish Also 2024 As World No. 1

by Evita Mueller

Former WTA player Pam Shriver thinks that Iga Swiatek will once again finish as world number one after the 2024 season.

Iga Swiatek finished as world number one for the second year in a row. The 2022 campaign was ridiculously good, featuring some amazing milestones by the Polish superstar. She was by far the best player that year and deservedly finished the year as world number one.

This year was a bit more tricky for the reigning world number one as she had to finish the year with a win at the WTA Finals to get it back from Aryna Sabalenka. The season was pretty impressive again, but nowhere near the 2022 campaign.

It didn't happen because she played particularly worse but more so because the opposition stepped up considerably, including Sabalenka, who became world number one after the US Open.

Swiatek would win the WTA Finals and finish the year as world number one again. It was an amazing display from her as she once again reminded everybody how good she can be.

It's why former player Shriver, who talked to the WTA, thinks she'll finish as world number for the third consecutive year. She's just too solid and too consistent.

If I had to bet on somebody to be No.1 at the end of next year, I’d bet on Iga. Why? She’s just the most consistent. She knows what it takes to get it done across the 11-month calendar. Iga has a great team around her, and she knows when she needs to not play. Plus, she’s really disciplined.

As a very disciplined player, Swiatek works hard all the time. You know she's going to return as a better player, and combined with the consistent performances, it's just too good of a combination to ignore it.

At 22, you know she’s going to add some subtle things to her game. And don’t forget that the first time she reached No.1 it was because Barty retired. This time, Iga went and grabbed it back. In terms of grit and intensity, I like what I saw there.


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