Djokovic's Racquet From Historic Roland Garros Triumph Sold For Record Price

Djokovic's Racquet From Historic Roland Garros Triumph Sold For Record Price

by Erik Virostko

Novak Djokovic is used to creating new records, and this time, he was part of another one, despite not contributing to it directly.

Throughout his lengthy and successful career, the Serbian player broke multiple records, and he continues to do that even if he doesn't spend time on the tennis court.

It's been quite some time since someone managed to win a Calendar Grand Slam, and even though no one from the legendary Big Three managed to do it, Djokovic was once reigning champion at all four Grand Slams.

That meant, that he won all of the last four majors played at the time, even though it wasn't in one calendar year. The 24-time Grand Slam champion completed this rare achievement back in 2016.

After winning the 2015 Wimbledon, and following up on the. triumph with 2015 US Open win, Djokovic started the 2016 season by winning the Australian Open, and ahead of the French Open, he had only one goal.

However, at the time, he has never won the tournament before, despite playing the final multiple times. But in 2016, when his biggest rival Rafael Nadal withdrew from the tournament ahead of his third-round match, the Serbian got his chance.

And he didn't waste his chance, Djokovic beat Andy Murray in the final, winning 3-6, 6-1, 6-2, 6-4, becoming the reigning champion of all four Grand Slam tournaments.

Out of joy, the Serbian threw his racquet into the crowd right after he drew a heart on the Parisian clay. One lucky fan, Abby, caught the racket, and years later, she decided to sell it. For the fan, it was a very difficult decision.

"You've got this really cool piece of sports memorabilia but it's been sitting in my closet for like six years."

Now, seven years later, she put it on auction at SCP Auctions, with the minimum bid set at $10,000. 23 people fought for the piece of memorabilia, and the winning bid ended up being $107,482, which is the highest-ever price paid for a tennis racket.


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