Gauff Destined For Success Thanks To Taking 'No Days Off' Says Macci

Gauff Destined For Success Thanks To Taking 'No Days Off' Says Macci

by Erik Virostko

Coco Gauff is a very hard worker, and that's what's going to make her great, according to famous coach Rick Macci.

Macci has seen some big workers in his career, having coached Serena and Venus Williams, and some other prominent players such as Maria Sharapova and Andy Roddick. He knows a hard worker when he sees one, and Gauff is certainly one of those.

It's always been like that and got her to where she is right now. Gauff didn't even take a lot of time off during the offseason, being already back in the lab working on her tennis.

Ultimately, being willing to put in the work matters most. The sport evolves, your competition evolves, and you will get overrun if you can't or won't keep up.

Macci has no worries when it comes to Gauff, as he revealed in an exclusive talk with Tennis Infinity, and it's why she's destined for greatness.

But the one thing I love about Coco Gauff, she's a worker, no days off, she's going to get better.And let's face it, the big ticket items in women's tennis, mobility and firepower off the ground. So, I think Coco will keep getting better, but, as we know in life, so is everybody else. And there's new people on the block, and there's new people coming in.

Macci on Gauff's work ethic

Working is only part of the equation. Work means nothing if you don't improve, and working in itself doesn't improve you on its own. It needs to be targeted towards your weakness, which, in the case of Gauff, is the forehand.

Some have argued that it's not bad and good enough, but Macci sees the need for a fix. He even volunteered to do it if Gauff wanted, which she admitted was an option.

In the end, as Macci pointed out, there is a very clear blueprint on how to dominate the WTA Tour.

I feel there has to be some surgery on the forehand. I just think the way that she does the forehand, it's not rock solid like some of the other girls.


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