'Preseason Day 1': Coco Gauff Starts 2024 Preparations Already In November

'Preseason Day 1': Coco Gauff Starts 2024 Preparations Already In November

by Sebastian Dahlman

Coco Gauff finished her 2023 WTA season just recently, but she's already back in preparation ahead of the 2024 season.

The 2023 campaign for Gauff was a proper roller coaster. She started well and then suffered setback after setback, failing to really find her best tennis. She would eventually find it a bit later in the year on native soil, winning a couple of trophies, including the big one.

It came at the 2023 US Open, which was her maiden Grand Slam trophy. It was a huge moment for her because she really needed a big result. People wondered when she'd break out, and she did it at the perfect time, reminding everyone how good she could be.

The rest of the year was pretty decent, but she didn't come close to playing her best tennis. Some wins in China and more in Mexico weren't the way she wanted to finish the year, but it's clear that she'll be the player to watch out for in 2024.

Especially since she already started working on that. She shared a photo of herself doing some cardio work on social media, putting up the caption 'Preseason Day 1' indicating that she's already begun doing work for next year.

It's super early, as she played just recently, but it also showcases how serious she is about her approach. Some things need to be fixed, such as the forehand, so it will be interesting whether Gauff emerges with a new one, especially since her new coach, Brad Gilbert, doesn't see it as a priority.

Either way, she's back to work, which is great news for all the fans, as she might just become the best player in the world next year. The competition is fierce, but the WTA is ready for a proper rivalry. It's been a while.


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