WATCH: Coco Gauff jumps from tower in Auckland

WATCH: Coco Gauff jumps from tower in Auckland

by Sebastian Dahlman

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Coco Gauff, the young American tennis sensation, is starting the new year with a bang by taking the plunge from the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand.

Gauff, who is set to play her first tournament of 2023 at the ASB Classic in Auckland, is known for her fearless and bold approach on the court, and it seems she brought that same fearless attitude to the Sky Tower.

At the height of 1,076 feet (328 meters), the Sky Tower is the tallest free-standing structure in Auckland and offers stunning views of the city below. People that are courageous enough, like the American was, can choose to do the SkyJump, a controlled descent from the tower, or the SkyWalk, a guided walk around the pergola at the top of the tower. Gauff opted for the more exhilarating SkyJump, plummeting towards the ground at speeds of up to 50 mph.

The ASB Classic, which runs from January 2nd to January 8th, will be Gauff's first tournament of the year. She will face some tough competition, as she's set to start against the 2022 Wimbledon semifinalist Tatjana Maria. However, with her fearless attitude and top-notch skills, Gauff is sure to give a strong showing and make a splash in the new year.


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